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Do you need to person? Now you can get the information you need with Optoutday, the online people search tool.

How does Optoutday search:

We have over a billion public records in our all-inclusive database! Optoutday will give you the freedom to search for anyone and everyone at no or very little cost to you. Our database contains names, phone numbers, addresses and much more other valuable information.

For years, we have helped countless people reunite and reconnect all across the globe. With the click of a mouse, our people search tool gives you access to millions of records and delivers the results you need.

Our technology allows to search by name and find people based on several different details such as name, age, address, and phone number. Simple, effective, and powerful — Optoutday is truly connecting people!


All About Optoutday’s Online Free People Search Tool

You may have many questions regarding how our online tool searches people and helps to find people. Let’s answer the most frequent ones so you would have complete understanding of how to use our tool.

Is it possible to find a person having very little information?

Yes, even with very little information you are able to identify the person you are looking for. Due to the information that you enter being double-checked on variety of different databases and national agency records, the tool searches people accurately and delivers relevant results only.

Whatever piece of information you have – street address, registered properties, or phone number – our people search tool will help you to find a person by delivering the best matches to your query.

Is it possible to find people by their names?

Yes, it is possible and searching by name is very simple. Just sign up for our service and quickly run a search on our website by the person's name. People search tool will go through different databases and show you results of people having the same name. Then you will be able to identify the right person by looking at his or her pictures.

Is it possible to find someone's address or email if I only have the name?

Yes, with our free people search tool, you can find a person and complete details on him or her, including address. The tool allows to search people and their resident addresses based on information obtained from public records.

Search Limitless

Phone numbers, public records, and social media profiles – all this information can give a broad picture of practically any person if properly combined and analyzed. This is what Optoutday gives you – the opportunity to find a person by searching our unique and accurate database.

Find Person’s Background

If you want to feel safe and learn more about your neighbors, you can search by name and gather rather extensive data based on as little as a phone number, an address, or email with our free people search tool.

Reunite with old friends and colleagues

Today we offer you an opportunity to reunite with your old friends, former colleagues and schoolmates. Searching data on any person is easy, fast, and free.

Who called? Now you know!

Reverse phone search is an excellent free tool that allows you to eliminate unwanted conversations or find out if the call you have missed was from someone you really want to talk with.

100 000 + People Trust Us

Our databases have been used by thousands of people across the globe. Because we deliver the best results based on specialized sources and give you the most valuable information.

We Value Your Privacy

You can be sure, that the person you searched will never be notified. We put privacy first and never uncover our search details to third parties.


Somebody sent harassing texts to me and I managed to find him only by his phone number. Thanks to Optoutday now I know their name, address, and email

Bob Gloss, Chicago

I buy things on Craiglist, but the last buy was defective. I called back, but they didn’t answer, so I used Optoutday search tool and located their address. Got my money back now!

Jessica Vain, Ohio

I had a friend many years ago, but I only knew his name. I looked up his number on Optoutday search tool and received his address! We met again after so many years thanks to this service!

Gary Buzzwick, California

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